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Steel Making Inspection
Pipe Manufacturing Inspection
Pipe Coating Inspection
Final Bench Inspection
Final Bench Inspection
Loading/Offloading Inspection
Loading/Offloading Inspection
Witness Testing Procedures During Manufacturing
Witness Testing Procedures During Manufacturing
Engineered Equipment Inspection
Detailed Daily Reports
Documentation / Traceability


Founded in 2002, OMC International, LLC offers materials third party pipe inspection services worldwide. We work with clients to advise on production and testing inspection on raw materials, manufacturing and suppliers. Our diverse scope of inspection services can provide valued support for your products, projects and processes.


We hire experienced and technically qualified inspectors to evaluate and implement project requirements. We demand a drug free workplace and follow all safety guidelines and protocols. Our goal is to help our clients minimize risk of unacceptable materials during the inspection process with our experienced representatives. 


Our Products and Services include: 

  • Steel Making Inspection

  • Pipe Manufacturing Inspection

  • Double Jointing of Pipe Inspection

  • Pipe Coating Inspection

  • Final Bench Inspection

  • Loading/Offloading Inspection

  • Witness Testing Procedures during Manufacturing

  • Engineered Equipment Inspection

  • Detailed Daily Reports

  • Documentation/Traceability

  • Auditing Services

  • Qualified Inspectors

  • Experience at Multiple Pipe Mills


David Bingham – VP Secretary Treasurer

Senior executive with forty plus years of diversified energy industry experience. Founded OMC International, LLC to provide consulting services and contract personnel to customers in domestic and international drilling operations.

Rick Hinds - Managing Partner/Business Development

Forty plus years’ experience of upstream, mid- stream and downstream materials inspection as an inspector, supervisor, manager and Business Development Representative. Associated with the Third Party Inspection industry since 1988. Worked with most major natural gas and liquids transportation companies over the last thirty years.

Michael Zinnecker - Senior Project Manager

Thirty-five plus years’ experience in the industry. Over ten years’ experience in project management of line pipe production for OMC International, LLC. ICS Employee/Management Development. NACE NICITCP Sessions I and II. ASNT Certified Level II Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrate and Ultrasonic Testing.

Josh Hinds - Houston Area Supervisor

Ten plus years’ experience in all aspects of materials third party inspection. Lead inspector for all vendor purchased pipe coated in the Houston area. NACE Coating Inspector Level 2. 3G Mig Certified/ 3G Stick Certification.

Nick Bingham – Business Development

Former project administrator for OMC International, LLC. Seven years in a technical role with Halliburton with a focus in exploration and production. Joined Business Development this year.

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OMC International, LLC will ensure that your materials are inspected thoroughly, safely and meet the industry required and company specifications.”



2010 ETC Tiger Pipeline
2011 ETC Las Bonitas
2012 Magellan El Paso-Strauss Pipeline

2013 Magellan Bridge-Tex
2013 Regency Hubbard Pipeline
2013 Sunoco Granite Wash Extension

2013 Sunoco Permian Pipeline Phase II

2014 Magellan Seabrook
2014 ETC Rover
2015 Magellan Saddlehorn
2016 Magellan Coffeyville
2017 XcL Midstream Stairway Pipeline

2017 Magellan East Houston to Holland

2017 Magellan Seabrook
2018 Magellan East Houston to Hearne

2018 Magellan Wink to Crane


MidStream Partners, LP
XcL Midstream



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