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Providing third party inspection services for major projects for 20 years.

OMC International, LLC has a profound history of providing third party inspection services with emphasis on safety, communication, and timelines. We provide professional expertise to service our clients throughout the longevity of each project that will be cost-effective to ensure that project materials are bought in accordance with client and industry standards.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Why are inspections needed?
    Inspections are a cost-effective way to ensure that project materials are bought in accordance with client and industry standards. The most cost-effective process is to receive materials correct the first time.
  • What will I achieve from third party inspections?
    Third party inspections allow the buyer to be aware of every detail concerning their order without having to be onsite. Most believe that third party inspections are an additional expense when they are an inexpensive additive that guarantees materials are being delivered as per the industry standards and company specifications.        
  • Why OMC?
    OMC believes that the client is the most prominent piece to every project. Our team drives for excellence by using proactive communication tactics that allow the client to be informed of every step in the inspection process. OMC prides itself on integrity and honesty with comprehensive documentation and constant communication provided to the client daily. Our team is committed to exceeding expectations always. 
  • What is the Goal?                                    At OMC, our main goal is to better the industry by making sure that company specifications and standards are being met daily. We do this by hiring the most seasoned professionals with the correct certifications that will ensure the trust and safety of our clients. Communication is key and we strive for constant communication with our clients to provide daily updates and milestones on each project. 

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