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Our Legacy

David Bingham founded OMC International in 2002 after a vigorous career in the oil/gas industry that prolonged over 25 years. His aspirations were to provide communication of all aspects throughout every process and to build a company built on respect for his employees, clients, and family. He always wore a wristband that said, “Never Give Up” and like the wristband David Never Gave Up. This was David’s proclamation and will be the slogan that OMC continues to build on for the years to come. David Bingham passed away in 2018.

David was joined by Rick Hinds in 2005 to bring the ideas into fruition. With Rick's help, David and Rick were successfully able to grow OMC into what it is today. Through two recessions and David's continuous battle with Pancreatic Cancer, they gave the industry what it so direly needed; an inspection company that would over communicate and out-document anybody. Rick has since retired from the industry, but we can't thank him enough for his dedication to OMC and expertise throughout the years. Thank you, Rick!


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