About Us

Our Business

Our Business

OMC was formed in 2002 to provide the most thorough materials third party pipe inspection services available worldwide. The vision was to advise clients on production and testing with inspection on raw materials, manufacturing, and suppliers with utmost integrity. Since then, OMC has continued to fulfil the founding vision while diversifying to meet our client’s needs. 

Our Mission

OMC's mission is to generate lasting relationships that will enable our clients to grow and learn in an ever-changing environment. We ensure that our seasoned professionals will provide a work environment unlike any other that includes communication throughout the entire inspection process, comprehensive daily reports, and 24/7 support.

OMC delivers expert analysis in the following areas:

• Steel Making Inspection
• Pipe Manufacturing Inspection
• Double Jointing of Pipe Inspection
• Pipe Coating Inspection 
• Preliminary Asset Inspection
• Final Bench Inspection 
• Loading/Offloading Inspection
• Witness Testing Procedures during Manufacturing
• Engineered Equipment Inspection 
• Asset Document Review & Daily Reports
• Documentation/Traceability
• Auditing Services
• Detailed Inspection Reports
• Assist Redeployment & Inspection
• Project Management Services 
•FBE Lab Sample Analysis 
• Mechanical Inspections 


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