Line Pipe

OMC offers line pipe inspection services provided by qualified personnel. Our line pipe services include but are not limited to the following:

Steel Making Inspection

Onsite Inspections provided by a Metallurgical Engineer with 30 plus years of experience to monitor and audit each ladle/billet/ingot/coil from smelting to shipment. 

Pipe Manufacturing Inspection

- Per customer options - OMC can track and inspect
in-bound plates and coils.

- OMC can witness, review, and inspect the forming, welding, beveling, hydrostatic testing, UT analysis, X-Ray, and MET lab testing.

- Inspection includes dimensional checks, failure logs,
repair logs, and detailed test result logs.

- Tracking includes a pipe-by-pipe manifest which covers the pipe from date born to date shipped with all applicable information correlating each pipe to specific projects and line items.

Pipe Coating Inspection

- OMC can witness, review, and inspect the coating of any material relevant to our client’s needs. This includes in-line coating products as well as hand flocked, rolled, or adhesive corrosion preventive materials, as well as coating lab testing. 

Final Bench Inspection

- Per customer options - OMC can perform final bench inspections which include an overall visual inspection to ensure industry standards, as well as customer specifications are met

- This also includes ensuring all stencils are applied correctly, along with witnessing material handling processes are being followed to eliminate coating and pipe damage.   

Loading/Offloading Inspection

- Per customer options - OMC can track and inspect in-bound and out-bound materials; including shipment from rail cars, truck/trailer, barges, ship holds, and hot shot vehicles.

- This includes a visual inspection of material while loading/unloading is occurring on site, detailed records of material received with damage/repair logs, witness client specification implementation, and shipment documentation review. 

Witness Testing Procedures During Manufacturing

- Per customer options - OMC can track and inspect
testing of products and the processes used to qualify
customer material. This includes calibration checks
and the methods used to ensure vendor inspection equipment meets industry standards and client specifications during the production phase of projects.

- All labs from steel coating can be witnessed and reviewed for customer approval. During that time, all processes and procedures are observed so that our clients can rest assured that material received has met their requirements. 


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